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Let’s face it, no one likes paying insurances, however we firmly believe that each and every Australian, who cannot self-insure, should be covered in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance where they are unable to produce an income due to sickness, injury or illness or even worse never return to work. It’s the same for serious medical conditions where extensive costs become present.

Our comprehensive insurance analysis will provide clarity around what our client's protection needs are whether it be Life, TPD, Trauma or Income Protection. Our end to end application, implementation and claims processes ensure complete comfort in knowing our clients’ income and assets (and families) are well protected. With millions of dollars in claims processed for our clients, we know how to protect. Importantly, our protection strategies work alongside our client’s debt and wealth strategies ensuring they have a clear understanding of the impact the cover will have.



  • Life insurances – protects you and your family in the event of your passing, ensuring debts and ongoing living costs can be funded

  • Total Permanent Disability – Protects you in the event of being unable to work again due to accident, sickness or illness. Significant ongoing medical costs, care costs and debt repayments are the main triggers for TPD cover

  • Income Protection – This protects you in the event of being unable to work for  a period of time. Typically speaking it will cover 80% of your income to ensure you basic cost of living such as home loan repayments, groceries and education can be funded if you are unable to work

  • Trauma – protects you in the event of serious illness such as heart attack, stroke, cancers and coronary diseases to ensure you have access to better quality care and medication. 

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