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Investment planning is an integral part of a financial plan. Whether it is growing your assets, preserving your capital or drawing down an income from your investment portfolio there are many factors that come to play.


At Scott Wealth, our process ensures that we have an intimate understanding of your risk appetite, your needs, expectations and ultimately ensure you pass the ‘sleep test’ on a day to day basis. These areas are met through not only our risk profiling questionnaire, but detailed discussions around previous, current or even future investment thought patterns.

Whether they are personally owned, through a trust, superannuation or a company, all investments have tax consequences, as well as protection needs, and we will work with your existing Advisers (Accountant/Lawyer) to make sure these are considered.


Not one asset class is suitable for everyone so at Scott Wealth we will consider all asset classes including Australian shares, International shares, Property and Infrastructure, Cash and Fixed Interest.


At Scott Wealth, we aim to provide our clients with an investment strategy that is well thought out, provides comfort knowing the fund managers we use are of the highest quality and is continually reviewed.


Your success is our success.


We are here to have honest and meaningful conversations about you and your investments. We will take a consultative and educative approach ensuring your assets meet your needs.


Working with highly regarded fund managers will ultimately provide our clients outcomes they deserve.


We believe that not one asset class or investment style is appropriate. We use a mix of low cost active and passive investment options to meet our client’s investment needs.


Discipline is key and through both initial and ongoing investment discussions, discipline is always front of mind

Scott Wealth is the adviser and facilitator of their client’s investments and all investments are held in our client’s names. Our clients all receive online access to their investment platform/portal and we are able to assist with investment changes (re-balancing), reporting, tax (Financial Advice) and ongoing reviews.


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