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The Indispensable Financial Planners

We all have goals and aspirations to achieve in life and, more often than not, they require a clear financial strategy to achieve them. In most cases, our clients have the resources to get to their desired goals but have no established strategy in place. Often, they don’t have any idea of what is achievable or how to prioritise their strategy approach and goals in order to reach them. This is where a good Financial Adviser can come to the rescue. Our job is to help you to prioritise and set these goals to ensure they are both achievable and clear. From there, we will take a look at the position you are in, the resources you have (assets, income surplus etc) and formulate a plan to realise your lifestyle goals and objectives.

To assist you to achieve this, Troy and Gareth have come together to create Scott Glen Financial Advisers - merging two already established careers together to form an energetic, professional and family-oriented business. Our vision is to provide you with sound financial advice to enable you to achieve financial prosperity.

Let’s have a look at our financial planning process!

With such fast paced lives and ever-changing lifestyles financial planning has become imperative in today’s world. We have devised a 3-Step Process to assist you to develop a thorough understanding of what you are looking to achieve and how you could achieve this.

It’s important to remember that your financial plan is very personal to you and comes in all shapes and sizes. With Scott Glen Financial Advisers, there is no “one size fits all” so it is imperative that we have a very clear understanding of your situation and your resources so we can make sure your strategy is achievable and realistic.

Both of the two initial steps that you take into our financial planning process, the initial meeting (Step 1) and the strategy discussion meeting (Step 2), are part of our complementary service to you and you are not charged anything. We are big believers in transparency and professional integrity so we always outline any costs prior to you being charged.

The initial meeting (Step 1) is where we talk about your goals, how we can help you to set and prioritise these and, if needed, help you with determining what’s realistic. Upfront we gather information on your situation and the financial resources you have (your income, assets and liabilities, surplus and any other information regarding your financial world). From here, we take this information away to confirm with your existing product providers (superannuation funds, etc.) and to start formulating your strategy.

Once we’ve had a chance to review your situation and resources, we set up a follow up meeting with you which we call the strategy discussion meeting (Step 2). This meeting is for us to confirm your goals and objectives and to provide you with an outline of your strategy and the benefit / value that your plan provides. The strategy discussion is very valuable as it ensures that we are working on the same page as you – the strategy is aligned with your goals.

This is your opportunity to confirm that you are happy with everything that we have presented to you as well as get an understanding of the process and costs moving forward should you choose to become one of our financial planning clients. We will provide you with an outline of costs - both upfront and ongoing (if any) to get the formal financial plan, the Statement of Advice (Step 3), drawn up and presented to you.

When you decide to move ahead with our financial planning services, the final step is focused on the Statement of Advice meeting where we walk you through the detailed approach, recommendations and product information, and we start the implementation process of your plan. The focus of Scott Glen Financial Advisers is not on “selling you products”, rather we view products purely as a solution for the strategy we have recommended.

Once you sign off on the Statement of Advice, our role is to implement the recommendations over the coming months and ensure everything is put in place as agreed. For example, this might include setting up superannuation funds or investment accounts, organising insurance applications, etc. (all of which is covered in the costs we’ve outlined upfront). Our approach is to support you through the process and remove any worries or concerns you may have.

Finally comes the best part - it’s time to be nurtured! Ongoing advice is imperative, we know that busy lives get in the way and in everyone’s life things change. Our nurture model has been created to ensure that we can help to keep you on track, get you back on track if you hit a bump, or change your approach to accommodate changes in personal circumstances. (e.g. having an addition to the family, changing jobs, goals or direction).

Our business is built on the basis that we are always approachable and available to make way for unforeseen changes and helping you through the good times and bad. This is what we love, so why wouldn’t we!

For an initial meeting please feel free to contact out our office or email us at and remember taking time out to talk to us is worth it!


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