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It’s not your money anyway, so don’t worry about it, right? For many Australian’s, superannuation is the biggest asset most will ever have and while it can be a daunting task to look after, there is help available.

Whether it be consolidating several super funds or establishing a Self-Managed Super fund, it can be a very complex (let alone time consuming) area so it is no wonder it is often pushed to the side. Scott Wealth will assist in all superannuation solutions in a simplified and easy to understand way, incorporating our above mentioned investment philosophy to ensure your long or short-term superannuation needs are met.


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Retirement is one of the most exciting, yet daunting periods of someone’s life.

There are so many unknowns at this time, so it is imperative to make sure our clients know what their strategy is to fund the lifestyle they want. Working with you, Scott Wealth will provide clear strategies to help draw the income required while incorporating our investment philosophy ensuring your assets are invested within your comfort parameters.


Ideally these strategies are thought well in advance of your retirement or semi-retirement (transition to retirement), allowing our clients a very prosperous period of their life, doing the things they want without the stress of funding it.

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